Recent Facebook Changes That Affect Marketers

                                    Facebook: No More Promotional Posts

Many marketers already take advantage of Facebook’s promoted posts as a way to get content in front of more fans. However, Facebook recently made an announcement about reducing overly promotional posts in users’ Newsfeeds.

This change applies to organic posts from your Page – not to paid promoted posts. Facebook has said they’re cracking down on posts that are “too promotional”, meaning:

Posts that push people to buy a product or app
Posts that push people to enter a contest without context
Posts that reuse ad content
In other words, if you’re used to pushing your products or services on Facebook, now’s a good time to stop. According to the announcement, the goal is to limit the amount of promotional content users see in their feeds; except ads will continue to be shown, of course.

Their explanation is that while ads are currently controlled, promotional posts have been completely unregulated to this point: “News Feed has controls for the number of ads a person sees and for the quality of those ads (based on engagement, hiding ads, etc.), but those same controls haven’t been as closely monitored for promotional Page posts. Now we’re bringing new volume and content controls for promotional posts, so people see more of what they want from Pages.”

What This Means for Business Owners: Continue to ensure that the majority of what you post on Facebook is non-promotional in nature. When you do want to promote a product, contest or sale, try to use language that isn’t overtly ‘salesly’. For instance, if you’re promoting an upcoming sale, don’t just post “Click the link to receive 10% off”. Some ideas for giving context can include:

Explaining why you’re having the sale
Including a customer testimonial
Showcasing a product with photos, descriptions and even a blog post explaining how the product can help people
Providing a video tutorial for how to use the product
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Facebook: Save Posts For Reading Later

Most users see around 300 posts in their newsfeed each day, and few people have time to read or interact with every single one. The good news is that Facebook is now providing a way to save links for reading at a later point in time; this way, if you see something that piques your interest and you don’t want to lose it or forget about it, you can simply save it to your Favorites.

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