The Way to Overcome Google Penguin 3.0

Google is incredibly adept at determining the actions of a real human visitor to your website and any action that has been manufactured in some way. With its self updating algorithm, it will only become smarter in the future. This means that there is really only one way to overcome the filters of Google Penguin: You have to get real visitors to your website and get them to like it.

In order to accomplish this without spending huge amounts of money on web traffic services, you will need a good public relations campaign. This means viral content that is spread through social networks without you having to waste any time maintaining the advertising campaign.

Take a look at many of the successful viral campaigns of the past. All of the hard selling tactics that you want to employ simply do not work. Basically, in order to be successful, you must market your product as though you are already successful. This means acting as if you do not need to sell any product or service at all.

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